This Sudoku application has been written with a lot of care and attention. What has started as a hobby, has grown to an application that proved a lot of fun for many puzzlers. Updates are made on a regular base. These include bug fixes and new features. Not only does this take a lot of my time, the website also needs to be paid.

With a user license the application can be used without restrictions. This includes features like:
  • Multiple puzzle generation.
  • Generate puzzles on custom difficulty level.
  • Generate hardest puzzle.
  • Add puzzles to the community.
Payments can be made through my PayPal account, using the buttons below. When another method is required, this can be requested by e-mail. E-mail:

When the payment has been made, an e-mail with the license wil be sent to you. Thats why it is important to fill in the correct e-mail address. This e-mail will also include a description of how to unlock the program. The license will not expire and will work for every version of this program.

Sudoku user license
Request License Information
Please enter the e-mail address you used to registrate Into Sudoku below and press the Request button. Your license will be send to you by e-mail from, be sure it is not blocked by a spam filter.