Sudoku Overview

Sudoku Overview
Into Sudoku has proved to be a very useful program to many Sudoku players. The program can learn the player to learn better techniques to solve Sudoku puzzles. It is a tool that helps the player to solve more challanging puzzles. More about the program can be read on the pages below.
Visual Hints Into Sudoku has a very powerful hint system. Read more about this here.
Generate puzzles The puzzle generator in Into Sudoku can generate puzzles. Some off the key features are described here.
Tools There are some powerful tools build in the program. You can see an overview of some of the tools in Into Sudoku here.
  • Multilanguage; Dutch, German and English.
  • Generate puzzles on every desired level.
  • Learn how to solve challanging puzzles using advanced techniques by asking hints. The computer can be asked for a hint without solving the puzzle for you.
  • Get human-style hints with highlighted cells and explanation in text.
  • Read about different techniques in the included documentation.
  • Let the computer take over the time consuming task of determing candidate values. The program can automatically calculate the candidate values without spoil the fun of solving the puzzle.
  • Print puzzles so they can be solved on paper.
  • Simple to use.
  • Highlight values to easily get an overview of the puzzle.
  • Draw colors and/or lines to help draw patterns.
  • Print multiple puzzles on one page.
  • Symmetrical puzzles; random, rotational or reflective.
  • Number and letter Sudoku.
  • Filter candidates.
  • User friendly layout.
  • Practice mode; practice any technique.
  • Chalanging puzzles; play Sudoku's up to 10 stars.
  • Lightning fast Sudoku generator; generates up to 5000 puzzles per minute.
  • Build in community; online puzzle collection and forum
  • Supports most well known solving techniques:
    • SingleInBox
    • SingleInRow
    • SingleInCol
    • Naked Single
    • PointingPair
    • BoxLineReduction
    • NakedPair
    • NakedTriple
    • NakedQuad
    • HiddenPair
    • HiddenTriple
    • HiddenQuad
    • RemotePair
    • X-Wing
    • SwordFish
    • Empty Rectangles
    • Color
    • MultiColor
    • XY-Wing
    • XYZ-Wing
    • Bug removal
    • Unique Rectangle 1
    • Unique Rectangle 2
    • Unique Rectangle 3
    • Unique Rectangle 4
    • Nice Loops
    • Double implication Chain
    • Triple implication Chain
    • Trial & Error